The Roulette System That Works – What And How

There are roulette systems for online gambling that require unique mathematical knowledge and there are betting techniques which require years of experience. However, what is the point in wasting precious time and brain power when you don’t have to. I’m going to tell you about a different kind of roulette system, one in which the main variable is not the roulette wheel, but the player at that roulette wheel.

This concept is unique in that it requires no action from the game of roulette, which lets face it, can be any number or sequence dependent upon complete random output. So whilst other systems for roulette betting require various actions to this value and to that value, we are going to talk about percentage management. Something that uses the actions of the player in the roulette game, meaning how the player plays the game is fundamental to the control of money within that game.

Percentage management is basically bankroll management and if you’ve never heard of this term before, then you’ve wasted lots of money in the past, money that should never have been wasted. We are now talking about the situation of looking after your money whilst playing online casino and roulette, it’s smart and very powerful if used in the correct manner.

Basically, your average online roulette player will play without control over their own money. This means that before they have even realised, their money has dwindled to a losing value. Often a value that has no way of returning to a winning point. This is because they fail to employ percentage management on a daily basis, now this process is slow, but it does work with a bit of grinding.

You basically start with a total value, the amount you have in your online casino account. You then have your betting value, the amount of money you take in to your roulette game. This is then followed by your single bet value, which now forms a chain of percentage portions to work with.

This now means that we use ten percent of all we have, then use ten percent of that value, followed by ten percent to bet with. These values are specifically designed to protect your money at the casino as you can readily identify and control losing situations.

Now the fun part of this system is the building of that same bankroll, this time using percentage management on a rake back scale. We therefore play and bet roulette until we make anything more than a ten percent profit, this time reversing the value against the roulette wheel. So instead of playing on the same machine for hours trying to make hundreds of percent profits. We play short games of roulette using this system to take lots of smaller ten percent profit values.

Lots of little is better than little of lots, remember that.