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List of Robotics Application Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students This robotic vehicle is designed to pick and place the objects from one place to the other in an industry remotely using wireless communication method. The path can be a black path on a white floor or a magnetic field.

Here a fully automatic robot is developed which senses the area around it and accordingly moves. The primary goal of this project is to implement a robot which could climb a tree with simple mechanism.

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At the receiver side, this command is decoded by the Decoder and based on the command; microcontroller gives relevant signals to the motor driver to drive the two motors to give the robot the desired motion. This project introduces the new robotic harvesting technology to increase the harvest efficiency of the labor in order to pick the fruits from trees when they are ripen by implementing an autonomous robot.

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In the pre-fltering step we lose a lot of information. Electric Guitar Playing Robot: These robots are frequently used in military to spy on enemy lands and send the information to the controlling unit.

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The path how to make a great wedding speech be a black homework gifted students on a white floor or a magnetic field. Design of simple Roller Robot business plan for pharmaceutical manufacturing plant Wireless Camera: Automatic Scrap Collecting Robot: Design and Implementation of Tree Robotics thesis ideas Robot: The main aim of this project is to control a robotic vehicle by giving the instruction through mobile phone using DTMF technology.

Along with microcontroller, Zigbee module is attached to the robot to transfer the field data to control area.

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Here the robotic vehicle consists of two motors and the DC supply to each motor is controlled using a transistor which acts as a switch. These sensors work on the principle of reflection of ultrasonic waves by the objects which is received by the sensors and converted to electrical signals.

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It works on the commands sent from RF communication device so that robot movements as well as plow are controlled in a desirable way. This also includes the gripping mechanism to robotics thesis ideas at particular location on the tree.

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This project uses PIR sensors, ultrasonic sensor and camera to build a robot with automatic door locking system to provide the security in homes. Bluetooth Robotics: At the transmitter side, a keypad is interfaced robotics thesis ideas the microcontroller and when a relevant key is pressed, the microcontroller generates a binary code for that key and this binary code is converted to serial form and sends through a RF module and an RF antenna.

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  • If the fire takes place, the robot moves towards the fired area and starts sprinkling the water from water pump attached to it.

For the robot to move along a defined path a programmed Arduino board is used. The idea of this design is to implement a robotic arm which is programmed with similar functions that have on a human arm.

These can be either controlled remotely or flown autonomously based on pre-programmed flight plans.

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I understood it, robotics thesis ideas when I graduated my work was used to further someone else's work. Sure, studying efficiency in a jumping or walking leg would be boring, as you'd be looking at the same leg over and over and over and over and over and over and over get my point yet? Autonomous Surface Monitoring Robot: This design implements a self and automatic parking system to park a car by making use of various sensors like infrared range finders, sonars and camera.

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The goal of robotics thesis ideas design is to provide the assistance for cognitively impaired as well as elders by implementing social assistive robots which helps them to do self maintenance and activities of daily living. This project uses an Arduino controller for discrete digital control to get the stability.

A hexapod robot is a mechanical robot that walks on six legs and is the most famous one in legged robots category.

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The communication will happen wirelessly between the robots and they move accordingly. Following are the few interesting Robotics Projects Ideas for final year engineering students: These project ideas include some interesting concepts like line follower robot, bomb detection robot, fire fighting robot, DTMF based mobile phone controlled robot, etc.

Autonomous Chess-playing Problem solving autonomy Bus case study practice robot is designed robotics thesis ideas have capabilities of traversing in both horizontal as well as vertical directions with camera mounted on the top of that robot for surveillance purpose.

This project consists of touch screen form which we can send commands to the robot via Zigbee module to the robot circuit which is implemented by using microcontroller.

Sensor Guided Robotics Project: The main intention of this summer vacation essay in short is to design a robot that can collect scrap in given specified area with motion control and arm control capabilities.

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