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Many wild animals have poisonous venom, or deadly scratches and bites. Let us weigh the pros and cons of this trend, which seems to be on the rise. There's nothing wrong with having a friend of another species.

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  2. Most owners of wildlife animals built their own backyard, which costs a lot of money.

Share animal photographs or incredible animal facts. This is very dangerous for the public and the environment. Ignorance of various species The worst part about this trend is that most people are unaware of what their exotic pets need.

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What do you think about wild animals being kept as pets? Wild animals are scared easier. Many people think that having a wild animal as a pet is really cool because these animals are really unusual or cute, but there are many reasons why they make bad pets. Wild Animals spread Disease and Pests Many wild animals carry diseases that are fatal for human beings.

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This process of evolution took thousands of years, in which animals lost those features that were redundant for them and developed new ones that would help them adapt to the existing environmental conditions. Chances are that the animal will run, fly, or swim away. Related Essays. These animals have not evolved how most dogs have and its much more complicated to train one of these exotic animals rather than a new puppy.

Even if essay keeping wild animals as pets animal does keep its entire body parts, the minimal room it has as related to the wild regularly generates insanity, depression, and vicious behavior. Just as long as it isn't from the wild.

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But then there are those youngsters who obtain these animals as pets and when the novelty wears off, fail to feed and take care of them. According to data provided by the U.

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They are stripped of regulation over their natural lives! Owning exotic animals can cause an endangerment to the animal, an endangerment to the owner, and an endangerment to the community. Cages are prisons to animals.

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Internationally, the Settlement on the Global Trade in Endangered Species of Plants and Wildlife standardizes the import and export of vanishing species. They are imprisoned, hampered, and isolated.

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Some owners will have the exotic animals teeth or claws detached, not only does it hurt the animal but it is cruel. The woman, Charla Nash of age 55,was visiting her friend, Sandra Herold, who owned the chimpanzee.

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Animals are cute, but not all are domesticated to own as pets. Most people who own wild animals keep them in a cage or captive.

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According to the ASPCA, these regulations vary immensely from one state to another state and can estimate from total sanctions to merely demanding a license. This is a bad practice, since wild animals require unique conditions business plan for field sales an average American cannot afford; exotic animals carry and transmit exotic diseases, which can pose a threat to owners; and there were numerous incidents when a captivated wild animal attacked its owner, or members of their families.

With a lot of study and training, one might be able to provide proper diet and exercise to the animals.

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They have lost their wild instincts and have adapted to live with human beings. Some big cats at first might be cute to play with while application letter for teachers fresh graduate are young.

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Although it would be exciting and fun to have an exotic pet, before purchasing one people should consider these factors and make sure they could give these wildlife animals the exact life it deserves to live in order to be healthy, happy, and safe.

Sometimes, a species may have difficulty surviving in the wild. Once the owner realizes they can no longer care for the animal, they turn to zoos or accredited institutions.