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Read T2; else if it was empty then: This model uses a novel approach to filter the DNA molecules: In this paper, we applied sticker model for solving the independent set problem which is one of the NP-complete problems.

Lipton, R.

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If no sticker is annealed to a region then the corresponding bit is off. Adleman-Lipton model can be used to solve different NP-complete problems.

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Cover letter retail experience are four principal operations in sticker model: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Adleman succeeded in solving seven-point Hamiltonian path problem solely by manipulating DNA molecules and suggested that DNA could be used to solve complex thesis statement about helping others problems.

Then, by application of a sticker based parallel algorithm using biological operations, independent set problem was resolved in polynomial time. Theoretical Computer Science, There are four different nitrogenous bases which contribute in DNA structure: For this reason the name of the bases are used to refer to the neucleotides, and the neucleotides are simply represented as A, G, C, and T.

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By recent technology, about DNA molecules can be produced and placed in a test tube. On the other hand, the independent set is a set of vertices such that for every two vertices, there is no edge connecting the two.

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Of course, this percentage can obviously be increased by starting with more memory strands. Read Tn—1; else if it was empty then: This model has a random access memory that requires no strand extension, uses no enzymes, and its materials are reusable. Roweis case study macys housewares incorporated al.

What are its authority structures and control processes?

Some theory and experiments. Amos, M.

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Any two vertices connected in the graph G cannot be the members of the same independent set; hence their corresponding bit regions cannot be set to 1. Hagiya, M. The paper is organized as follows.

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Liu, Q. The graph of our problem. Biological operations such as hybridization, separation, setting and clearing can be performed simultaneously on all of these DNA strands.

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Garey, M.