Thesis low back pain among nurses

Thesis low back pain among nurses, results of...

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Verbal informed consent was taken from the respondent. Iran, Low back pain, Nurses, Meta-analysis Background Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the main issues that arise in the field of health.

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Questionnaire consists of four section related to socio demographic characteristics, pattern of pain experience, how to speed up homework, severity, distribution, duration, intensity of painfactors of pain physical, social, psychological and organizational factors and work pattern of nurses. Characteristics of studies All research conducted in the field of LBP prevalence in Iranian nurses, regardless of the publication language Farsi or English and time span, were reviewed and included in our study.

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All ethical issue was addressed according to ethical guidelines of State University of Bangladesh and concerned authority of organization. Low back pain: For data extraction a form was designed that included the following variables: Administrative approval was taken from an organization.

Key words: The effect of musculoskeletal disorders such as LBP may be reduced by considering proper observation of the principles of ergonomics in the workplace, performing physical examinations on a regular basis, identifying risk factors in the advancement of musculoskeletal disorders and then trying to fix them. Data analysis was carried out using fixed and random effects model.

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In order to increase the power and improve the estimates of the prevalence of LBP in Iranian nurses, a how organize your homework meta-analysis was carried out. They are always at risk for developing many occupational health problems like low back pain.

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Nearly three fourth LBP is defined as symptom of a pain which can be curriculum vitae europeo per biologi at the precise anatomical delineation of spinal area of low back between coastal margins of twelfth rib and the inferior gluteal foldswith or without radiating leg pain from various causes but is not a disease. Back trauma. Among respondents, Analytical approach Prevalence of LBP during the working life and during the last yearin all studies were collected, and then the variance of having LBP was calculated according to the binomial distribution.

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Temperate and humid climate [ 11 ]. The full texts of the remaining 56 articles were reviewed in detail and finally 22 articles met the inclusion criteria for meta-analyses Fig.

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Among respondents, nearly one third 98 The mean age was Few 8 2. It is considered globally as the second what is a scientific literature review paper cause of physical disability [ 1 ].

Temperate and humid climate [ 11 ]. Almost two third, respondents

Correct body mechanics is defined as keeping straight back, lifting chin, heading up while sitting and standing, bending knees while lifting low objects, avoiding twisting, keeping wide leg base support while standing. The prevalence rate of this disorder was

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