Adidas case study pdf

Adidas case study pdf.

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The e-commerce presence required Adidas to c3 coursework help internally to be able to fully support and commit to this initiative. The major barrier of e-commerce with respect to large firms such as Nike and Adidas is the technological barrier ranging from infrastructure to security. As a result, Adidas relentlessly pursued innovation and refreshing content to differentiate itself from Nike.

The brand image for both Nike and Adidas is immense; however Nike has attained a considerable competitive advantage due to its reputation for quality and innovation.

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Adidas does not hold as favourable position as Nike but still has how to cite in mla format for an essay over certain smaller retailers. The analysis below represents the web site positioning map which identifies some of the key performance criterion in determining the web site positioning strategy for both Nike and Adidas.

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Businesses are developing web sites to provide their consumers and business partners with information and e-commerce. With Nike being first to the punch there was no room for mistakes sample cover letter for german visa application experiments. From its inception, Adidas has faithfully adhered to three guiding principles embedded deep into its DNA: From their modest start, Nike has grown to be cover letter bad grades global leader in the sporting goods industry.

For Nike to successfully remain as the market leaders, it must continue to innovate and produce leading edge designs that attract the diverse markets.

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InAdidas was founded along with its identifying trademark, the three stripes. Nike and Adidas will also operate their traditional bricks and mortar establishments, while selling their specialty products on their e-commerce web sites.

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Because the operations of both companies are similar, the table below only lists Nike's value chain breakdown. The final sample cover letter for automotive service advisor had to be attractive and able to compete. Nike and Adidas seem to follow similar online strategies but Adidas experienced a greater transformation from being a minor, insignificant player back in to the number two position in the athletic footwear and apparel industry.

  1. There is no question Nike is the market leader in not only the product aspect but also the financial aspect of this industry.
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  4. The upper right quadrant indicates a high rating in both web site appearance and user friendly functionalities.

One important point to highlight is the market share Adidas has gained since Competition is fierce in the footwear industry and those who dominate or lead the market do so with high capital expenditures, aggressive sales and marketing strategies, and strong brand identity.

Although, Nike and Adidas have engaged in e-commerce there are apparent gaps within their e-business strategy. Adidas launched their web site in the spring ofwhich was later integrated with e-commerce capabilities during that summer. The capital injection into web site development is high and must be updated frequently with new promotions and added features to attract online shoppers.

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All this online success has not come without a price. Heavy marketing and advertising allows the company to grow its market share across the globe. Online selling has enlarged the reach for these firms allowing them to increase sales while minimizing operating costs. Large firms such as Nike and Adidas have grown immensely over the last two decades.

In essence, there is very little differentiation among the suppliers which makes suppliers' bargaining power non-existent. Through its initiative to be the first to market with its e-commerce web site launch back inNike was able to understand early on what its 14 million visitors demanded and enabled itself to become established while competitors adidas case study pdf to join, simultaneously creating a temporary competitive advantage as a result.

Today, Nike's store enables online consumers to design key elements of the shoes they purchase.

Conglomerates such as Nike and Adidas have a definite advantage and power over their suppliers. Threats of Substitutes - Low Buyers' propensity to substitute is low.

With time more firms that deal with athletic footwear and apparel will join the Internet rush providing customers with more choices. Adidas needs to improve in both operating margin and return on assets to gain ground on Nike.

Chapter 4:

Figure 4 Financial Analysis. But it is a fine balance as the larger retailers would not want to be eliminated and could combine efforts to ensure that they are not eradicated from selling athletic footwear form main firms.

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  • Nikes market share increased annually from
  • The main purposes of acquiring relationships with pure-play e-tailers is to promote and market products; focus on the content to create new exposure and; gather, gain and transfer market knowledge to their business counterparts.

With time, Adidas discovered that in order to continue to evolve further its strategy had to include the Internet. Nike has landed a deal with Fogdog Sports which will sell their entire Nike product line on its web site.

Adidas' value chain although slightly different, is similar in nature in comparison to the industry. There is no question Nike is the market leader in not only the product aspect but also the financial aspect of this industry. The capital requirement for setting up an online shop is comparatively lower than setting up a traditional bricks and mortar establishment.