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Importance of mother tongue essay in kannada. Translate education in mother tongue ess in Kannada

Language programmes at the primary education level as well as the secondary education level play a key role in making students global leaders. The biggest gap is communication medium.

Language in India Mother tongue is a powerful tool in advancing the learning in people.

We should always practice, speak and teach netflix thesis statement new generation to speak and communicate each other in their mother tongue. Most people feel that a dropout rate of 35 doesnt justify the costs involved in providing this form of education. The problems faced by both teachers and earners relate to home and school environments of the child.

Why is mother tongue so important?

Although English is my first language, and I cannot fluently speak Gujarati or Kannada, I still consider those to be my mother ibd cover letter sample languages over English. Children achieve this by transferring the different structure of a language to other languages. The child does not come to the school with an empty head.

All this requires slow and patient teaching-learning process. If children notice that their parents are supportive of learning new languages, children themselves will then be more motivated to learn. These have to be slowly and carefully rectified and corrected in children. As the child picks up vocabulary, drilling in reading skills has to be taken up. The task of the teacher is to deal with the children of these categories individually by adopting necessary and apt skills and strategies to pull up those lagging behind.

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Mother tongue is valuable due to several reasons. Children are capable of learning multiple languages while young.

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Skills learned in the mother tongue will transfer to the other languages learned in school, as long as all languages are supported. Now even the children coming from urban areas as well as from the educated families present certain problems regarding correct usage.

Grammatically, it is a 'Bahuvrihi' compound with 'mother' as normal attribute to the head noun 'tongue'.

  • For example, a cow is seen eating grass.
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When children develop their skills in two or even three languages, they get a deeper understanding of how to importance of mother tongue essay in kannada different languages effectively. To the question: E-mail your articles and book-length reports to thirumalai bethfel. Contributors from South Asia may send their articles to B. Increased quaid e azam essay in english for class 5 and population growth of international students netflix thesis statement speak other languages other than English characterize the society.

The mother tongue creates job opportunities. In other words, their mother tongue chemistry masters thesis is not of much help in deciphering the constituents of these phrases and to write them correctly. Furthermore, there seems to be no appreciation of homework app singapore necessary distinctions between gender and number of nouns, and the tense of verbs.

We must and should not underestimate the power of language and work together to promote mutual understanding and cooperation. Mother language develops a personal and cultural identity. Ibd cover letter sample only way to preserve language and culture is to pass down through generations.

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Teaching of language skills in Kannada, as in any other language, illumines the need for linking the home language with that of the school. High quality, academic integrity, ethics and morals are expected from the authors and discussants.

Mother tongue: language of expressing feelings, emotions

Additionally, this language cultivates confidence and a sense of self-worth to a child in learning other things. The next step shall be to show the child the defects and wrong usage of words and money problem solving worksheets grade 3 home the correct usage.

Mother tongue elicits the development of ibd cover letter sample family bonds. By seeing and studying the pictures, the child will be able to grasp and communicate the meaning in full sentences. The language facilitates a comprehension of the surrounding, learning of concepts and attaining of various skills.

Hence this becomes an important task to attend to at the elementary school stage.

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Language is how we not only communicate, but how we connect to the growing world around us. Thus, when learning is conducted, the children effortlessly follow and understand, resulting in educational success.

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The concept of the mother tongue is a fascinating aspect of language that has transcended generations. The child comes to school with speaking and listening skills. Mother tongue is crucial in framing the thinking and emotions of people.

Thus, when a child grows up with particular emphasis on speaking in a language other than their mother tongue, results in a linguistic gap with some family members, consequencing in an emotional disconnect with other family members. There should be no ambiguity of language in teaching arithmetic. It should be free and natural.

In various households, particularly those of immigrants, some family members such as grandparents and parents do not understand English commonly utilized in different countries.

The beautiful sounds of which one hears, understand and gets familiar in the mother tongue since the very beginning has such an important role in shaping our, feelings, emotions and thought process. All the above processes involved in learning mother-tongue in the school environment may be termed as "Primary Education". For example, a cow is seen eating grass. Students have to re-learn the morphological combinations while learning to write and speak standard Kannada.

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Also, when parents tell stories and discuss matters with their children, it develops their terminology and concepts. Where a "h" must be included, it may be missed. We should take this opportunity to reaffirm our respect for each other and celebrate the great diversity of languages and cultures throughout the globe.

The world stands to lose an important part of the sum of human knowledge whenever a language stops being used. Kannada has a number of social and regional dialects.

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  • Thus, when a child grows up with particular emphasis on speaking in a language other than their mother tongue, results in a linguistic gap with some family members, consequencing in an emotional disconnect with other family members.
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Normally it is the case that the language of those coming from urban areas is somewhat nearer to the standard dialect. The town 'Arasikere' may be pronounced as 'Harisikere' in the non-standard dialects.

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Except among the minority communities and tribal people, Kannada is the wider language of communication in Karnataka. What is a critical response essay vce essay about sacco and vanzetti execution best essay for pharmacy school. The child perceives and recognizes the cow, grass, and the act of the cow because the child knows from observation and experience that the cow eats grass.

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Mother language develops a personal and cultural identity. The sphere of communication of the child slowly gets widened.

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They have to be drilled in the use of correct grammatical sentences. It not only stimulates their confidence but also creates awareness of their individual and cultural identity, facilitates learning and adoption of other languages, creates job opportunities and keeps families tightly knit. They are often more flexible in their thinking as they can process information in different languages.

Why is it important for education?