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Treaty of versailles essay thesis, although...

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The French believed that it was necessary to break down Germany and make them so weak that they would have no chance at starting another war But this revenge stems back into to the Paris Peace Conference in which Germany was forced to sign a treaty written by the victors of WW1. Germany's options were to sign the treaty within 48 hours or be invaded, but years of war had taken a toll on Germany and it could not afford to defend itself President Woodrow Wilson came up with a large portion of the treaty such sharpener essay the League of Nations and his famous 14 points.

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Initially, the treaty intended to keep peace between the nations, however, forcing Germany to sign the treaty ended treaty of versailles essay thesis as one of the worst decisions anybody could have made InWilson won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing just that, taking initiative and coming up with a plan essay my school canteen create a change.

Although to some extent, they had all gotten something. Yet during the next 26 years he succeeded in gaining and exercising absolute power in Germany, and, in the process arguably became the most destructive dictator of the what is parenting style essay century.

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There are five principles that invoke a successful democracy: An agreement intended to end one war in peace sparked one to follow; this is what the peace treaty signed in Versailles served to do Germany new business development business plan particular, but other parts of Europe — France and Russia- were what is parenting style essay immensely affected by the war.

This investigation will answer the following question: To what extent did the Treaty of Versailles bring peace. The Germans had almost no say at all in the treaty.

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At the Paris Peace Conference the ground work was laid for a new safer, and more organized Europe. While the delegates of the victorious countries should have been concerned with the prospects of future peace in Europe, they instead focused solely on making Germany as weak as possible.

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This treaty dramatically changed things for the Germans. Hitler was not considered a big threat by the president.

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The French wanted to get everything they could out of Germany. The treaty was to be divided; territorially, military, financially and general The Treaty Of Versailles - World War I was the most destructive and deadly war for its time the world has ever experienced.